Booklet | Two by Two

Mathieu Latulippe | Mathieu Dubois

30 August 2021

I participate in the wonderful project Deux par deux | Exposition buissonnière of the Gallery B-312 as a host! I am exhibiting a work by Mathieu Latulippe in my dining room: La chute, (2013). It fascinates me very much and accompanies our family meals in an extraordinary way.

Mathieu Dubois  
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Philippe Caron Lefebvre | Nicolas Gendron-Carrier

27 August 2021

Very happy to be part of the Deux par deux | Exposition buissonnière of the Gallery B-312. Until the end of the year, we welcome Le Malin by Philippe Caron Lefebvre in our living room. A sculpture straight out of the seabed, it humbly reminds us of the complexity of nature and the limits of our knowledge.

Nicolas Gendron-Carrier
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Cindy Phenix | Luis Clavis

23 August 2021

I often spend long minutes strolling on my couch, losing myself in the work of Cindy Phenix. Each character becomes more and more familiar. Sometimes I see celebration and exaltation and at other moments a form of madness, even almost violence. It's already hard for me to believe that it will no longer be part of my daily life, but that's the beauty of this exercise!

Luis Clavis
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Patrick Bérubé | Laurence Gauthier et Aghiles Sebti

12 July 2021

We are not very active on social media, but we talked about the project and the work of Patrick Bérubé with people around us. We only received good comments! We chose this artwork because we liked the black and white images as well as the wooden frame. Initially, we didn't notice the 3D details in the photos. Moreover, the more we observe it, the more we notice new details. Right from the installation, the work made us think of "human damage to nature".

Éric Cardinal | Bertrand Groulx

7 July 2021

Since March, we have been fortunate enough to welcome two works by Eric Cardinal to our home. They sit above our dining room table… a table which during the pandemic often served as a teleworking desk. In addition to brightening up our meals, they also provided us a great setting for our online meetings and the classes / workshops we gave. The light of different times of the day changes the appearance of the works. During the next few months, we will have the chance to rediscover the works in a new setting as we will move into a new home.