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La Vitrine

Atelier Daigneault | Schofield

  • Vitrine-Exposition
© SaraDay
19 janvier 2019 au 2 mars 2019

Since 2004 Michel Daigneault and Stephen Schofield have offered the two store windows of their studio on the rue Rachel to fellow artists to present their work. Artists occupy the windows for a two-month period and have used the space in a wide range of ways sometimes as an exhibition space, other times as an installation space. Some have emphasized the mirror effect of two identical windows whereas others have used to create a narrative between the two windows. Although the general approach to the public is rather discrete, the actual studio space is not open, the work in the windows can be viewed twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. Some installation have indexed the change of daylight, for instance, Gisèle Trudel light installation would spring to life as the sun set. Others like Doug Scholes have referenced the original vocation of the windows as a store front for displaying goods for sale. The windows bear not sign other than the identification of the artist and the title of the work so as to emphasize direct access to the passers by. Most projects are proposed directly by the artists, although others are sollicited by the two artsits and some notable exhibitions have been organised by independent curators such as Pascale Beaudet and Marie Perrault. Again the accent is on minimizing structure and emphasizing fluidity, simplicity and spontaneity. Or to understand the programme of La Vitrine, our approach resembles more that of the 1960’s artist space projects of Claes Oldenberg. Les Levine, N.E. Thing Company that that of a structured artist-run centre of today.


La Vitrine, Atelier Daigneault | Schofield
2126 Rachel Street East
Montreal (Quebec)
H2H 1P9

  • Alexander, Viki 
  • Bachmann, Ingrid 
  • Bauers, Lorna et Knowles , John 
  • Billy, Anne 
  • Bouthillier, Marie-Claude 
  • Buchwaldt, Andreas 
  • Carruthers, Meredith et Wesley, Susannah (Leisure Projects) 
  • Côté, Marie, collaboration avec Maire Perrault
  • Cozic 
  • Day, Sara 
  • Haberstich, Sonia 
  • Jojich, Danica
  • Lafortune , Nathalie 
  • Lamarche, Laurent  commissaire Pascale Beaudet
  • Lassere, Yvan 
  • Lavaillante, Renée 
  • Lefebvre, Chloé 
  • Martin Franco, Helena 
  • Morelli, François
  • Murphy, Serge 
  • Oades, Lorraine 
  • Olanick , Natalie 
  • Ramsden, Ann
  • Robert, Lucie 
  • Scholes, Doug 
  • Tomassini, Shanie 
  • Townsend, Martha 
  • Trudel, Gisèle