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© Vincent Barras and Jacques Demierre

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Vincent Barras teach medicine history and science at the University of Lausanne and he is specialized in sound art, experimental literature and sound poetry which he practices as an author, performer and programmer. He also contributes as a translator to the knowing and shining of some major various works in poetry, music and contemporary literature: co-founder of Éditions Contrechamps, he offered a French version of John Cage's Silence a volume of poems by Eugen Gomringer, an anthology by Robert Lax and a volume of poems by the Greek poet Georges Séféris. 

Winner of the 2018 Swiss Music Prize and the 2007 Quadrennial Music Prize of the City of Geneva, Jacques Demierre is a pianist, composer and improviser. Acoustic or electroacoustic, whether they respect traditional writing framework or take advantage of free improvisation, his experiments can serve music as well as sound poetry and in situ sound intervention. All experiments are driven by the same quest for awareness of sound. His critical thinking develops a transversal and interdisciplinary music conception which has enabled him to work with musicians from diverse horizons. 


9 February 2020

Galerie B-312 is very please to welcome for the second time the swiss duo Traghetto. Vincent Barras et Jacques Demierre feature the sound poetry performance Pièces anatomiques et historiques et inquiétantes. They continue their experiments on sound and poetic fields which finds itself at the border of literature, performing arts and music traditional categories. For this event, Barras and Demierre will read extracts from their respective creations which they will interweave with historic sound poets pieces.—Speech and writing constitutes the main materials of their artistic practice. Writing, with four hands, draws from various sources such as linguistics, anatomy, performance art and experimental composition. It's done with microphone and pencil : listening, transcription, morsel, recording, listening again... Among the possible outcomes (recording, internet archive, book, sound installation) the stage production reflects body space and performance temporality.—In residency at OBORO from February 10 to 24, 2020, Traghetto will be with BarDem and Thierry Simonot to carry out the sedfadène project by borrowing radio extracts and conversations extracts with Gerhard Rühm, Bernard Heidsieck, Augusto de Campos, Bob Cobbing, Eugen Gomringer and Raul Hausmann.

This project is carried out thanks to the support of the République et canton de Genève.