Monument mou

Philippe Internoscia

Monument mou

  • Exhibition
© Philippe Internoscia, Flex, 2020

Philippe Internoscia lives and works in Montreal. In 2016, he completed a training in virtual reality at the Society for Arts and Technology of Montreal (SAT) and obtained in 2017 a master's degree in intermedias from Concordia University. Through the creation of dreamlike environments and figures, Internoscia exploits the creative potential of 3D computer space through realistic and confusing images. His work has been exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions such as Message Board(Studio Kura, Japan, 2019), Black Market (Concordia University , 2017), Malléabilité (Tempsspace, 2019) and AUTOMATA : Biennale internationale d’art numérique (Arsenal, Montreal, 2016).


12 February 2021 to 20 March 2021

Philippe Internoscia creates hypperrealistic three-dimensional facsimiles of banal and surreal objects to subvert the heteronormative categorizations of material world. As an anchor for his exhibition at Galerie B-312, the artist presents the 3D animation Monument Mou as a result of a creation residency at the Daïmon Production Center in 2018. Inspired by neoclassical and neo-gothic architectures of the city of Ottawa, the artist sets in motion several soft and hairy objects that collide in an enclosed virtual space. At once repulsive, seductive and hypnotizing, these objects offer an alternative vision of the body to join the queer notions of fetishism and monument. The inspiration for this project is largely attributable to the issues of homosexual seduction and alternative sexualities that are often seen as negative in the family and societal contexts. With FLEX, Philippe Internoscia presents a libidinal export through a rhythm and a flexibility that goes beyond the limits of capitalist sexuality.