Deux par deux

Deux par deux

Exposition buissonnière
  • Beyond the Walls Exhibition
© Anahita Bamdadian

David Armstrong Six

Patrick Bérubé

Michel Boulanger

Éric Cardinal

Philippe Caron Lefebvre

Raphaëlle De Groot

Cynthia Girard-Renard

Andréanne Godin

Hua Jin

François Lacasse

Manuela Lalic

Stéphane La Rue

Mathieu Latulippe

Véronique Lépine

Juan Ortiz-Apuy

Cindy Phenix

Simone Rochon

Sayeh Sarfaraz

Francine Savard

Julie Trudel



Marthe Carrier
Chloé Desjardins
Guillaume La Brie 

Pascale Théorêt-Groulx

1 April 2021 to 31 December 2021

Galerie B-312 is pleased to officially launch Deux par deux | Exposition buissonnière, a project that will be held until the end of 2021 in private homes. Twenty artists, twenty works, twenty hosts. Occupying intimate space rather than public space: that’s another way of dealing with art, isn’t it?—The pandemic surprised us all and caused upheavals in all spheres of our lives, whether they are private, public, social or professional. About our artiste-run center, in addition to the first closure last spring, we had to close our doors again from October 1st, putting all our exhibition projects on hold until mid-February. While much has been heard about the impact of the pandemic on the performing arts, very little has been said about the visual arts. This exhibition project was born from the reflections about the relevance and the uncertainties about online dissemination versus the direct experience of a work of art.—This is how this project took shape: continue to disseminate works that allows an experience “in the presence”, support artists by paying them rights and fees, such as during a regular exhibition in the gallery, and promote their practices on our website and social networks.—To embody this project, we have decided to invite, in the first place, people who, without being in close relation with the world of visual arts, show an interest in the things, while reserving some invitations for our community members. To experience a work of art: we believe in it, and it’s with this experience that we have invited the hosts. Their constraint: to commit themselves in return, by agreeing to disseminate the work they would host, in their personal network. A way for them, as for us, to support current art practices and artists.—Throughout 2021, either the gallery remains open or not, the exhibition will be revealed in all kinds of forms and iterations. Be careful, you may see figures or hear rustling and echoes about it.

– Marthe Carrier [free translation]